He left a blackhole in our cosmos

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Stephen Hawking passed away and IISC and the young scientific community is grappling with the loss of the physicist.

On Wednesday, the world and the scientific community woke up to some sad news — of famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking’s demise.

On Wednesday, the world and the scientific community woke up to some sad news — of famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking’s demise. At 76, one of the world’s best physicists breathed his last in the wee hours of the morning, at his residence in Cambridge, as confirmed by his family. Condolences have been pouring in for the iconic scientist on social media ever since, with several city folk demanding an offline tribute to pay to a man with a brilliant mind, and a steely spirit. We document views...

An enigma that evoked: “As a scientist, Dr Hawking inspired us to think really big – at the grand scale of the universe that is completely beyond everyday comprehension. His ideas were quite complex for me to understand completely, but The Brief History of Time made the concept accessible to the general audience, and is one of my favourite books to read and wonder at his genius,” states Ajay Srinivasamurthy, an applied scientist and IISc alumnus (2008-10). He further adds, “At a personal level, his passion and perseverance towards science despite all odds is something I got inspired from, and it kept me going as a student.” Hawking’s  theories made a revolutionary impact world over. But, it was the simplicity in his approach that got him followers by the hordes. Dr. Abhilash HN, post doctoral fellow and research associate, adds, “His life itself was a drawing force. His indomitable attitude was perhaps as magnetic as his intelligence and scientific findings.  The best part about Stephen Hawking was his approach to explain science to common man. More than all of this, he will live as a child that is laughing its way into all the great discoveries that lie before it and bringing us the utmost of joy in just watching him. Anyone who listens to him or reads his work can understand his work with ease. This is a great skill, which I want to master as well. Every talk he presents, his talk are filled with life, he brings charm in daises, his enthusiasm despite a debilitating motor neuro disorder was inspiring in itself. And that was what set him apart.  Stephen Hawking’s approach to explain science to a layman is one asset I would like to carry along with me through my entire career. If I can bring the joy of learning science to my students and help them not just prove theorems and build hypothesis, if I can inculcate the ability to question my own works and re-investigate, research until eternity that’s when I would pay a tribute to this greatest scientist.”

Student speaks: A great mind is not limited by the shackles of physical disability, and that was his message to the world, believe many. “He lived his life to the extent most of us can only dream of, despite being on the edge of the line between life and death all the time,” shares Phanibhusan Singhamahapatra, a Bengalurean, who is currently pursuing a PhD in Physics from IISc, Bengaluru. While Phani isn’t a student of cosmology; he believes the subject rose to prominence, only because of Hawking’s contri butions. “His ideas practically shaped modern cosmology and astrophysics. In the beginning years, astrophysics was not considered an elite field in the physics community. But Stephen Hawking popularised this field throughout his life. He will always be an inspiration to young guns for  pursuing a career in astrophysics and cosmology. It would be great if we take a couple of minutes off and get to reading as a tribute to a man who defined knowledge in a different light, altogether.”