Video: Stingray devours squid at aquarium horrifying visitors

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Visitors witnessed an unexpected gory show between predator and prey

Stingray devours squid at aquarium horrifying visitors. (Photo: Twitter / Eternalshm)

A helpless squid was mercilessly devoured by a stingray at a Japanese aquarium horrifying visitors.

Video of the shocking incident was posted on Twitter that was retweeted 94,000 times.

In the video, the massive stingray can be seen chomping on the tiny squid shortly after it trapped its prey against the glass.

The crows erupted in absolute surprise and were left stunned.

Watch the video:

八景島シーパラダイスのエイが、展示されてるアオリイカを捕食してて唖然 (;;°;ё;°;;) こわいよ!

— 真 奈 実 (@Eternalshm) August 7, 2017