Delhi Zoo 'marries' white tigress to Royal Bengal tiger

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Zoo officials hope they produce healthy mixed offspring.

Delhi Zoo 'marries' white tigress to Royal Bengal tiger hoping they produce an offspring. (Photo: Pixabay)

Two tigers at the Delhi Zoo recently got hitched, The New Indian Express reported.

When zoo officials noticed a white tigress and a Royal Bengal have "chemistry", they moved them into the same enclosure, the report revealed.

"They were introduced to each other two days ago, in a private enclosure... we wanted to see if they have chemistry, will they fight or not. They sniffed each other and seem to get along," Renu Singh, the Delhi Zoo's director, told The Indian Express. "Yesterday, we got them married."

This is the first time in nearly three decades there has been this kind of "mix-and-mate proposal".

Zoo officials are hoping the two mate and produce healthy mixed offspring. Since their union, the pair has reportedly mated 15 times.

Once the mission is complete the two well be separated and be returned to their own enclosures.

Offsprings could be expected around October, Delhi Zoo's director Renu Singh, told The Times of India. Tigers are a huge draw at the zoo and officials are trying to increase the numbers.