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102 orangutans are part of International Animal Rescue Centre in Ketapang, Indonesia.

The curriculum of the school is very interesting. (Photo: Facebook/ greatbigstory)

Ever heard of a school especially for orangutans? Imagine a bunch of cute looking orangutans going to school together.

Trust us, we are not joking. International Animal Rescue Centre in Ketapang, Indonesia has a facility for these animals.

In this school abandoned baby orangutans are trained how to eat, how to survive in the wild and how to climb the trees and live there. There curriculum is very interesting. 102 orangutans are part of this facility.

(Photo: Facebook/ greatbigstory)

"It might seem like a simple thing but actually some of these orangutans have been living with people and are chained up or have lived in small cages. At the beginning they're afraid to climb trees," explains Karmele Llano Sanchez, program director at the rescue center, in a video posted by Great Big Stories on Facebook.

"If we don't care about orangutans, I think it's even more difficult that we are going to care about any of the other species. If they get extinct in Indonesia they will be extinct from the face of the world - so we have to do something about this now," says Ms Sanchez.

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At the International Animal Rescue Orangutan Center, orphaned baby orangutans learn what it takes to survive in the wild. Because c'mon, just look at these little guys.

Posted by Great Big Story on Tuesday, February 2, 2016