Beyond shocking, says Bollywood

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Why do you need to cover your face? Because you know you are doing something wrong, illegal & punishable.

Students stage a protest over the Sunday’s violence, at the main gate of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in New Delh. A group of masked men and women armed with sticks, rods and acid allegedly unleashed violence on the campus of the University on Sunday evening. (Photo: PTI)

Sunday’s shocking brutal attacks on students and teachers in the JNU campus and widespread damage perpetrated on property with impunity by masked vandals has triggered Bollywood celebrities to join unequivocally in the nation-wide condemnation of the incident.

Here’s a selection of tweets from the entertainment world

Azmi Shabana @AzmiShabana: This is beyond shocking! Condemnation is not enough. Immediate action needs to be taken against the perpetrators.

Riteish Deshmukh @Riteishd: Why do you need to cover your face? Because you know you are doing something wrong, illegal & punishable.  There is no honour in this - Its horrific to see the visuals of students & teachers brutally attacked by masked goons inside JNU-Such violence cannot & should not be tolerated.

Dia Mirza @deespeak: How long will this be allowed to continue? How long will you turn a blind eye? How long will the defenceless be attacked in the name of politics or religion? Enough is enough. @DelhiPolice

Taapsee Pannu @taapsee: Such is the condition inside what we consider to be a place where our future is shaped. It’s getting scarred for ever.

Swara Bhasker @ReallySwara: Let’s be clear! The attack on JNU last night is a culmination of three years of relentless and false vilification of JNU students, teachers & the institution itself — by the govt., BJP IT cell & their minions and many times by the JNU VC and JNU admin itself!

Pooja Bhatt @PoojaB1972: To members of my supposed ‘fraternity’ who were meant to opine & dine with the ruling party this evening-trust you implored them to curtail the violence unfolding across the nation. Or at the very least, as part of the ‘scrumptious’ meal on offer, help yourselves to some humble pie.

Anurag Basu @basuanurag: Only credible voice of resistance and opposition left in this country are students; You’ll not be able to muzzle this voice. Keep trying.  #JNUattack

Rajkummar Rao @RajkummarRao: What happened in #JNU is shameful, horrific and heartbreaking. Those who are responsible behind these attacks should be punished. #JNUViolence.

Kriti Sanon @kritisanon: It breaks my heart to see what happened at JNU! What’s going on in India is horrifying!! Students & teachers being beaten up & terrorized by masked cowards!! The constant blame game! Stooping so low for political agendas! Violence is NEVER a solution! How have we become so inhuman?