Photo of Gorilla and woman sharing a moment will make your day

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Photo where both are seeing checking out baby animal videos has gone viral online.

Lindsay and the gorilla checking out baby animal videos at the zoo (Photo: Instagram)

You thought only us humans liked baby animal videos? Think again. Apparently this gorilla at a US zoo loves the same as well!

A photo has surfaced online where a blonde here beauty is seen sitting beside a gorilla enclosure with her mobile phone in her hand and what appears to be a highly interested gorilla sitting beside her and gazing into its screen

It turns out that this picture of a gorilla at the Louisville Zoo in Kentucky staring adorably at a phone screen while watching videos of baby gorillas with the woman has left the internet all mushy.

Lindsay Costello, who shared the picture on her twitter account was seen having written, “My new friend and I enjoy watching videos of baby gorillas!”

Other Twitter users were soon seen commenting about how beautiful the picture was.

One darrendude1984 tweeted, “This really warmed my heart today. Thank you for sharing!” While others too tweeted their praise, it seemed that the gorilla was not the only reason for all the attention. Twitter user sethseasong wrote, “Did anybody tell you that you have great looking legs sry LOL”

While the reasons behind the photo having crossed a 1000 likes may be debatable, it does make for a really cute picture

Lindsay has also hashtagged it '#mylifeiscomplete' and '#hereallylovedthisyall'.

Check out the picture below

 Photo of Lindsay with the gorilla at Louisiana zoo