This Girl is on Fire!

Deccan Chronicle.  | Priya Rathnam

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Women have always proved that they are no less than men! Here are anecdotes of women who are flourishing at what they’re doing!

Alisha Jebin.

She is smart, she is beautiful, she is strong and she is a woman. Women have over the years managed to break free from the shackles of societal norms and have emerged victorious in the patriarchal society we live in. They are seen running their own restaurants and actively participating in politics. Most of them even take a detour and venture into unconventional jobs like bartending, riding motorcycles and some of them are even bouncers at clubs!

“Being a good host just comes naturally for women. I found my interest in starting my own restaurant and I did,” says Rohini Boppana who owns two restaurants in the city. She adds, “ I love that I am a multitasker. Depending on the necessity, I play different roles and handle different departments like finance, HR, operations etc. Once your profession becomes a  passion, then the boundaries between personal and professional life seems to fade away. I ensure to take time out for my fitness to stay mentally fit along with being physically fit.”

The society expects women to excel in everything she does be it personal or professional life.

Alisha Jebin aka Ladyinpinkjacket who is an avid rider ensures to set her weekend off for her biking trips. She says, “Often people wonder how I balance my personal, passionate and professional life. Initially my parents questioned my decision in pursuing my passion over the weekend. But now I take them on rides as well. The positivity at my work place motivated me to never compromise on my passion.”

Alisha adds, “After five days at my IT job, weekends await with interesting destinations and explorations. Since it is my passion I don’t need a push. This takes me to a state of relief and fills me with all my energy that will fuel me up for the week. With all the support and trust, I achieved my own bike and a title too.”

Politics is one of the most male dominated sectors in the country and it is evident that women are of a minority at the Parliament. Shantala Damle, a spokesperson and state co-convener for the Aam Aadmi Party says, “I observed a change in the participation of women and the numbers have increased with the provision of reservations for us. If the political parties shift to new-age politics leaving the traditional political practices behind, women will willingly take up this profession where they can make the desirable changes in the society.”

Who says girls can’t make wages from standing behind the bar counter, serving amazing combinations of concoctions? Here’s a star in Bengaluru who has followed her yen for mixology. Arati Mestry an award winning mixoligist has been spreading her magic in the city for over two years. She says, “I realised my love for the skill and shared it with my parents. The difference is, I did not ask for permission, I rather shared my desire. The society we live in will always associate our choices in life with our upbringing and especially in the case of women. However, I was also taught to follow my passion and I did. In my five years of bartending in Mumbai, Pune, Goa and Bengaluru, I have seen various changes from being mocked to being respected. Many girls in the pubs come and say that I’m they look up to me and this gives me more energy. It is all possible with a great level of confidence and of course the zeal to achieve. Women in various domains now have the same confidence and hence are ruling it.”