Video: Bear mauls man after he teased it with food

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The 36-year-old used a rope to get a bowl of rice into the animal's enclosure.

Man gets mauled by bear after teasing it with food. (Photo: Youtube)

Video circulating on social media captured the horrifying moment a tourist in Thailand was caught by a bear.

36-year-old Naiphum Promratee was teasing a bear at a temple in Phetchabun province with a bowl of rice using a rope to get it in the animal's enclosure, the Daily Mail reported.

With no warning the bear stood up on its hind legs and dragged Promratee inside it. Footage showed the gigantic bear maul the man and bite him.

In the mean time, Promratee's friends tried to poke the animal with a stick and throw cold water at it. But the strong beast would not leave him.

When all else failed, one individual ran into the enclosure and beat the bear into its cage while two other men dragged Naiphum to safety.

Thankfully Promratee survived the incident.


Watch the video here: