Woman bites into banana infested with 'spider eggs'

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She vows to never ever eat the fruit she once loved.

Woman left disgusted by bananas after eating one infested with spider eggs. (Photo: Pexels)

A woman who used to love bananas has vowed to never eat them again after biting into one infested with "spider eggs", The Mirror reported.

38-year-old Lorraine Wall, from Liverpool purchased the yellow fruit from her local grocery store where she usually shops.

When she took a bite out of the banana, she told Liverpool Echo she experienced a "crunchy feeling". When she looked at it, she noticed what she feels were spider eggs.

The incident made her sick to her stomach and she immediately called emergency services for help.

Even after doctors gave her the all-clear, Wall worries they will "hatch inside her".

She also wrapped the banana and took it to the store she bought it from to show them what she purchased.

While they offered free bananas, it was a 'no thank you' from her.