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The man behind Kamala Harris, Doug Emhoff, breaks records and feminine hearts as he’s been retweeting all her achievements

Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff

Kamala Harris created history by being chosen as the first woman Vice-President of USA and also the first Black and Asian-American to hold the post, paving the way for Emhoff’s status as ‘first second gentleman’. He will also be the first Jewish spouse of a Vice-President in the history of USA. Emhoff, a prominent entertainment and media lawyer, was a partner in DLA Piper, a huge global law firm, but quit his job to support his wife’s new role, and has received a lot of attention for doing so.

Besides being Kamala’s pillar of support, or, as some call him, ‘her secret weapon’, he has won feminine hearts across the world for being a ‘real-life gentleman’ and breaking gender stereotypes by lending his wife both professional and emotional support. The duo has been quite expressive of their love for each other on social media and Emhoff’s re-tweets of every single one of Kamala’s posts is seen as subtle PDA.