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Actress Priyamani lets us in on her recent trip to Cappadocia and what she discovered...

Actress Priyamani

The best thing about Cappadocia is that it is rich in history and the vibrant culture all around will make you spellbound. We went there during the winters, it was the perfect season to explore. You can explore the underground cities Kaymakli and Derinkuyu which are pretty famous.

Cappadocia is a small place which is like a whimsical fairytale. The best way to experience is going on a hot air balloon ride, the clear skies is a very pleasant sight to see. The local attractions are the Turkish dances and going on  rides with the all-terrain vehicle through the rougher terrains of Cappadocia.

The towns of Cappadocia have their own local unique flavour and worth doing  some local shopping. Carpets are very popular here and Goreme is a place where you will find beautiful carpets. The Turkish cap, evil eye bracelets, exquisite jewellery and pottery are also pretty famous here.

The local Turkish cuisine is fresh, though it is heavy but it is worth a try. Kofte and Kebap are one of the favoured dishes. Sweets are popular as well, like dry fruits and cashewnuts. I would suggest to not to miss out Baklava – a sweet and syrupy pastry dessert which is an authentic food here.

The town has many beautiful valleys which are best for hiking and the place is scattered with fascinating architecture that will mesmerize you. Going on a bus ride tour guide in Cappadocia provides an opportunity to explore the scenic beauty of the town.

—As told to Neha Ghosh