Sticker woes in Tirupati

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Well-known photographer Sudarshan Balaji’s car sticker put his family in a spot at Tirupati.

Sudarshan Balaji

One of India’s most visited shrines is that of Tirupati Balaji. Lakhs of devotees queue up each day to get a quick glimpse of the deity. Their vehicular transport, their baggage and belongings go through a meticulous check before they enter the beautiful entry road to the top of the hills. But who would have thought that a quote from the world renowned musician Jay Z would land a Chennai family in a spot of trouble?

Thus read a facebook post of Sudarshan Balaji:

“Strange incident today on the way to Tirupati.

So I had given my car to my parents. At the toll booth the inspector there noticed a quote stickered in my car. The quote is by the popular music producer JAY Z - which is “Remind yourself Nobody is built like You, You design yourself — Jay Z”. The inspector forced the driver and argued with my dad to remove the Z in the name. My dad has explained him who JAY Z is. Even after that the Police has told it seems to be a Christian name and they will not allow that and have asked to remove the ‘Z’ from the car and only then they will send the car up to the temple.”

The police also said removing the Z will make it sound like ‘Jai’ and that’s not a problem

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