A trekker’s dream

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Josegiri offers dangerously seducing deep gorges, magnificent views of the valley and the rolling plains.

For many, Josegiri is a lesser known trekking spot.

For many, Josegiri is a lesser known trekking spot. Located in Kannur district, the mountain range is surrounded by three hills — Kottathalachi, Olakettivana and Thirunettikallu. Chartered accountancy student and ardent traveller Pranav K. had no second thoughts when he and his friends decided to explore the area.

“Considered an ideal place for group camping, Josegiri is a hilly picturesque spot that fulfills a traveler’s quest for beauty with misty valleys and scenic surroundings. The lush greenery, hovering dark clouds, misty mountain breeze and the wriggling rivulets make the destination it a trekker’s paradise,” says Pranav, a Kozhikode-native.

One can reach Josegiri via Thalassery-Alakode-Udayagiri route. “The cool air is what draws most people to this place. So the ideal time to visit would be early morning or after 3 pm. We were there as part of a travelling group ‘Let’s Go for a Camp’.  Our 12-member-group had already planned the stay at a farmhouse in Pukayoonni. After 3 in the evening, we started our journey to one of the hills. The off-road drive was very thrilling — the 15-minute drive took us to a steep mountain and from there, we went by foot. The rocky roads uphill, with deep gorges in the turns, dangerously seducing, are exhilarating.  

Stopovers on the route provide magnificent views of the valley and the rolling plains below.  On our way, there were some caves and we spent some time inside,” he adds.

Josegiri stands 3,000 feet above the sea level and its hills have everything a nature lover or photographer seeks. The undulating hills, green meadows, mystical pine forest, mellowed mountain streams and a small waterfall — it’s the perfect place. For those who love exciting river rafting, it is been offered in nearby River Tejaswini.

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“Unfortunately, the place faces threats from land encroachment mafia. This has also resulted in pollution. It has started to affect environment due to the accumulation of plastic waste in the forest. So we spent the second day of the camp collecting as much plastic waste as possible,” says Pranav, adding, “It was turning out to be one of the most beautiful treks I have been part of. If ever I get a second chance to visit the place, definitely, I am in.”

KSRTC buses have services up to Udayagiri from Kannur town.