Couples are transforming their sex life with a 5-minute daily ritual

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The ritual can help people either understand their partner better or simply float to sleep.

A lot of people said they were aroused quickly after this (Photo: YouTube)

A sound state of mind and better understanding between partners is as much important as physical fitness and compatibility for good sex. Technology has changed everything for people in their daily life, and sex lives of people have also seen effects of this. An app is now helping people perform a ritual which lasts minutes but can change sex for couples.

The app called Meditation Studio only requires people to grab their earphones and select their pick from a list of over 250 meditations designed for solving specific issues. There is a collection for “Confidence” and tracks like “Kindness Towards Your Partner” in the “Relationships” collection.

Meanwhile the “Float to Sleep” sound in “Sleep” collection was also reported to have made people to float to mindful sex at times. It made people loosen up tense areas and focus more on the actual activity in bed instead of just thinking about going to bed after a stressful day.

A study found that people who had a 12 week meditation course were able to get arousal quickly since they increased awareness of their thoughts. Meditation makes people think about the next moment and try new things instead of just going ahead with the usual stages.