A firm is making sex robots modelled after dead wives of customers

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The firm justifies it saying that such a product can help men deal with grief and a lot of customers are asking for it.

The doll called Roxxxy can be customised to look like loved ones or celebrities (Photo: AFP)

Sex dolls have come a long way from the inflatable figures as sex robots are being portrayed as a way to transform relationships in years to come. Researchers are coming up with increasingly realistic sex dolls with one firm even launching robots that can be customised.

Now a firm says that rather than just sex, these dolls can also help people deal with grief as they are making robots that look like dead wives of customers who approach them. Features including the face, hair colour, voice and personality of the doll called Roxxxy can be customised to look like loved ones.

The demand from men looking for robot look-alikes of their deceased partners is high alongside a large number of requests for those resembling celebrities. Marilyn Munroe was reported to be the most popular celebrity when it comes to requests for dolls modelled after famous personalities.

Experts have already warned that sex robots will replace human beings as partners in bed in the next few years.