Experts reveal sense of humour can make or break a relationship

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Laughter may be the key to happiness, but it's a whole different ball game in the romance department.

Experts reveal sense of humour can make or break a relationship. (Photo: Pixabay)

Experts say a sense of humour can really make or break a relationship.

According to a new study, the way a person responds to laughter can predict how happy one in is in their relationship, the Daily Mail reported.

Researchers from the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) investigated how laughter impacts romantic relationships.  For the study, online interviews were conducted with 154 couples.

"Earlier studies have shown that people are looking for a partner with a sense of humour and who enjoys a laugh," psychologist Professor René Proyer from MLU, told the Daily Mail.

However, researchers have found there is more to it than that. While some don't mind being laughed at, others do.

People who are afraid of being the butt of a joke are more likely to be less satisfied in their romantic life.

Proyer explained: "They tend to interpret the laughter as something negative or derogative.

"These three characteristics are personality traits that can occur at the same time, to varying degrees and in different combinations.

"They can range, for example, from making harmless jokes to ridiculing others. All of these characteristics are normal, up to a certain point – including being afraid of being laughed at."

They also found people that instigated other to laugh at them were happier in their relationships.