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A lot of women feel men are selfish when it comes to sex: study


Published on: April 11, 2017 | Updated on: April 11, 2017

More access to information and a willingness to increase awareness about sexuality have led to conversations about several key issues concerning sex including the female orgasm. While it emphasises the need for men to make sure their partner gets equal pleasure, are men really becoming selfless in deciding priorities?

A new study regarding this revealed that a considerable amount of women felt that their partner did not care about their sexual pleasure and well being. This is later backed up by data which shows that two out of three women don’t climax every time they have sex.

But an overwhelming majority of men went on to say that ensuring an orgasm for the woman was a priority for them, and men being selfish might be just a myth. Meanwhile recent research revealed that men make women orgasm to feel more masculine and get an ego boost, which shows that making women climax isn’t all that selfless.

Meanwhile the survey pointed out ways to fill the orgasm gap, which involved filling the information gap first and other aspects like communication as well as techniques to make partners feel confident enough to make them orgasm.

Having an honest and open conversation about the kind of touches and tools that work for an orgasm was suggested as a key to bridging the gap.