Expert reveals whether relationships can last without 'mind-blowing' sex

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Also find out if you can have a successful relationship without it.

Expert reveals whether relationships can last without 'mind-blowing' sex. (Photo: Pexels)

Sexologist reveals the answer to the burning question on most people's mind: How much sex is should couple's be having?

"There is an expectation that we should be having mind-blowing sex and if couples don't, they worry," Dr Nikki Goldstein told FEMAIL.

She believes people put a lot of pressure to spice things up in the bedroom. "A lot of people are in a great relationship but think they aren't in a successful one as their sex life doesn't match societal expectations," she explained.

Dr Goldstein explained we falsely project what we think we want and feel like we cannot measure up to society's standards like unrealistic notions from pornography.

While sex is a big part of a relationship, it is only as important as you want it to be. "It's important to connect and show love but it's also possible to show those things in other ways," Dr Goldstein said.

"Some people have a high sex drive and feel like they need to do it lots for it to be a successful relationship.

"Others are happy with having sex every so often. They don't mind having it less regularly as they receive affection and intimacy in other ways."

Dr Goldstein recommends couple be on the same page about their sex life. "You need to need to figure out whether you can compromise but the compromise can't be one sided," she said.

Intercourse, respect, consideration, intimacy, communication and fun are ultimately the most pointed to have a successful relationship. "Sex is a way to achieve those five things, they're emotions and feelings, and it's about what sex represents," she said.