It’s complicated: The worst way to call it off

Deccan Chronicle.  | Gayatri Reddy Bhatia

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Ghosting is a technique many use and many have suffered from.

Getting dumped by text is brutal but being ghosted is heart-ripped-out brutal. Burn the letters, bury the trinkets and burrow in.

Ghost spotting, many say, is far less traumatic than being the victim of Ghosting. It’s a word from our more recent years — right after we invented several more methods to communicate. But what does it mean? The New York Times describes this modern phenomenon as the “verb that refers to ending a romantic relationship by cutting off all contact and ignoring the former partner’s attempts to reach out”.

Basically, if you’ve never heard back from the guy or girl after that “fantastic oh-let’s-do-that-again-date” you’ve been ghosted. And yes, it hurts. And no, there’s no getting back on your feet right away.

Getting dumped by text is brutal, but being ghosted is heart-ripped-out brutal. The technique is almost savage, as if it was designed by some Soviet-era social engineers. Cut off all contact, shut down access, offer no explanation and wait for a few days hoping the other person gets the all important message. Burn the letters, bury the trinkets and burrow in.  

Charlize Theron ghosted Sean Penn by ignoring all calls, emails and several other attempts to communicate. And this is the man who has interviewed El Chapo. And back in the day, it is rumoured that Abhishek Bachchan ghosted model Dipanita Sharma when he decided it was time to move on.

Ghosting someone is a convenient option if you hate dealing with unpleasantness or if you’re stuck with some clingy creature with emotional tentacles who just can’t get the hint. But be warned — it comes with a set of complications too. First off, there’s always the possibility of a drink ending up on your face after that chance encounter. Then, there are those who simply refuse to be treated like dirt. Much of the tactics the latter category use are nothing sort of malicious. So, do analyse your options.

But you must understand that Ghosting is widespread. If the call hasn’t come and if it has been a few days, check the obituaries. If there’s no news of a tragic passing, it’s time to move on. Nurse that heart back to life, don’t hate and surround yourself with good friends. The relationship is dead, you’re not!