Are you dating an 'a-romantic' person?

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Here is what you should know and expect from your relationship.

Aromantics find solace in friendship; they are happy and satisfied with the time they spend with their friends, family and pets. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)

Two people meet, fall in love, get married, have children and live happily ever after. Sounds interesting? While this may sound interesting to many, there are some who will find the concept of love and romance too fascinating to be true.

These are the people who absolutely detest the idea of pure romanticism, popularly known as ‘aromantic’. An aromantic relationship is also known as ‘queerplatonic’ in which you are in a partnership more intimate than friendship. To put it in simple words, these are the people who find it extremely difficult to develop any kind of romantic feeling towards others.

However, take note that being aromantic does not mean that they are unemotional or are not emotionally attached to someone. On the contrary, it might intrigue you to know that aromantic people too can have a successful relationship while keeping their love and emotions in check.

They can very well experience joy and excitement like other people who are in a relationship. Probably the only difference that we can associate with aromantic people is that they do not require romantic relationships or attachments.

They can be sexually attracted to a person, but again, being asexual and aromatic is not the same thing. Asexual people can be attracted to someone sexually yet at the same time they don’t develop any romantic feelings.

How is it to date an aromatic person?

For people who are romantic can spend hours, in fact, every moment of their life with their paramour, literally! There is forever a sense of longing that consumes them. They want to love, cuddle, walk hand in hand and continue with their endless rants.

For those who are aromatic, will never experience or want to experience something similar. The feeling of love does not consume them and they will not yearn for their partner day in and out. They prefer spending only a portion of their time with their partner.

Aromantics find solace in friendship; they are happy and satisfied with the time they spend with their friends, family and pets.

They might not be totally into their partner, keeping a track of everything that their partner is doing. They give enough space and expect the same in return.

They don’t believe in the public display of affection, but aromantics are available when you need them by your side to support their beloved through a rough patch. Even if they care they are not expressive about their feelings.

Popular misconceptions

They lack empathy: This is absolutely untrue. They feel deeply and are kind-hearted people. They share a happy and healthy relationship with their family members, friends and spouse.

Aromantic people are not sexual: Untrue! They enjoy being hugged, kissed in a non-romantic way. They are not expressive and therefore, they might not be the first one to take the initiative. They appreciate individuality, are understanding and quite compassionate.

So now you know what exactly to expect if you are dating an aromantic person.