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Sexologist says women are as attracted to breasts as men


Published on: September 2, 2016 | Updated on: September 2, 2016

Everyone is fascinated by breasts (Photo: Pixabay)

It’s no secret that men are fascinated by breasts, but it has just been found that women are as much attracted to breasts as men. The revelation was made on a Quora thread, when someone asked why men are ‘obsessed with breasts and their size’.

The complete question was, "Why are men obsessed with breasts and their size? I don't quite see women being obsessed with the penis - Why is this so?" and it got a lot of interesting responses, among which was one from sexologist Alfred Kind.

He said that breasts resemble the bottom which is considered a primary site of sexual attraction and this is why humans are so interested in breasts.

Meanwhile a report by Daily Mail mentioned that while men breasts as a sign of "sexual availability" women are more concerned with comparison.