‘Paw’city of pooch havens

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Dog owners are forced to leave their pets at special homes as neighbours complain about the noise.

Abhishek Thakur with his mutt

Bengaluru may be a pet friendly city but some pet owners are facing grave oppostion from neighbours. The latter are uncomfortable with the idea of letting dogs stay with their owners due to various reasons — cleanliness and noise being the most important. So, many animal lovers are either forced to vacate or give up their pets to people who are running home cares for dogs.Anuradha Ganapathy, who has opened up her home for dogs, but only as staycations says, “Dog owners prefer to come to me as I take proper care of them. I have two dogs myself, and ensure that these pets follow the routine they are used too. I have managed eight dogs and I charge per day depending on the size of the dogs.” She also adds, “Many neighbours also ask me to get my dogs to keep quiet if they start barking in the morning.”

There have been many instances posted on sites like Bombat Dowgz that have noted instances of pets being abandoned as well, and left on the streets due to such reasons. Mina Murali, a pet lover came across a baby Spaniel left on the side on the road, who was also hurt. The poor fellow was looking lost while trying in vain to avoid passing traffic, she says, “I got a dog lover and volunteer to help, and I picked up the puppy and took it to her home, and she was just wonderful. But I know of many instances where dogs are abandoned and left to fend for themselves, it is extremely heartbreaking.”

Mandy Vasudevan, an animal welfare worker feels, “I have two dogs, and would often take them for a walk on the lawn in the building. Many neighbours objected, and say that their kids play on the lawn therefore they are not comfortable with them being around. I faced a problem for three months, and then one fine day, they gave me an eviction notice. They kept harassing and bullying me and no one came to help and finally, I filed a case and the problems have subsided now.”

There are many dog owners who face such issues everyday but have no choice but to shift to another place. “My neighbours did not allow me to take my dog out for a walk in my lane and would come to complain if the dog barked. I eventually had to leave that house,” says Abhishek Thakur, a senior business analyst.