Unconscious puppy from house fire is lovingly revived by fire fighters

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Heart-warming footage shows the efforts of the fire fighters trying to help the little pup.

Heart-warming footage shows the efforts of the fire fighters trying to help the little pup. (Photo: Billesley Fire Department Twitter)

Firefighters rushed to rescue a little Labrador pup called Buster, who fell unconscious after inhaling smoke in a kitchen fire in South Birmingham, England.

The blaze was reported on Monday morning from a house in Kings Heath, Birmingham, reported ITV. Two fire fighters were deployed to rescue the dog from the kitchen.

A group of fire fighters from the Billesley Fire Department phenomenally rescued Buster in half an hour using their latest animal respiratory equipment. 

Video footage released by the Billesley Fire Department showed firemen trying to revive the pup using a special oxygen mask while one of them lovingly comforted the dog. However Buster struggled to breathe.

Kimpton Close, Kings Heath. kitchen fire. Puppy rescued by firefighters, unconcious from inhaled smoke ... @KingsNortonFire @Bournbrookfire pic.twitter.com/45SQNuNv9F

— BillesleyFire (@BillesleyFire) 18 September 2017

Buster is seen blinking tiredly as if going in and out of consciousness. However much to everyone's relief, a subsequent video posted on Twitter shows the little pup wake up and gives a confused glance to the people who just saved his life and affectionately lick them. In return, he gets lots of pats for being so brave.

2: Firefighters managed to resuscitate the pup using new animal 02 therapy equipment now carried on trucks. @KingsNortonFire @Bournbrookfire pic.twitter.com/yTNIVxpmio

— BillesleyFire (@BillesleyFire) 18 September 2017

The department tweeted pictures of the little Labrador looking healthy and adorable wrapped in a blanket. 

"Buster with his rescuers, half an hour later, looking a lot healthier. A very lucky dog. Good job!" the tweet said.