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Experts warn vaping can lead to major health crisis in decades to come


Published on: May 31, 2018 | Updated on: May 31, 2018

Experts also demanded tougher restrictions on vaping (Photo: AFP)

Smoking has been known to be an activity which isn’t particularly good for health. While many quit, there are also those who look for less harmful alternatives for smoking including e-cigarettes.

But while many manufacturers call vaping healthier than smoking, experts tell a different story. They said that the device is highly addictive and cause a major health crisis globally in years to come.

They suggested that e-cigarettes are a one way bridge to smoking tobacco for people attracted to different flavours. Experts also demanded tougher restrictions on vaping and called for vape free zones in parks and outside schools.

One expert said that e-cigarettes are normalising smoking and will lead to an entire generation addicted to nicotine.