Jaipur hospital experiments with robot to prevent corona spread


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The move comes as part of an attempt to reduce hospital staff’s exposure to virus infected patients

Several countries have employed robots inorder to decrease its medical staffers' exposure to virus. (AFP)

Jaipur: A government hospital here is putting a robot through its paces to see if it can help in the fight against coronavirus, delivering food and medicines to patients admitted there.

If the trial works out, the humanoid robot could make its way to assigned patients with a tray carrying food and medicines.

Potentially, this would reduce the chances of the hospital staff contracting the infection.

Nurses now need to approach such patients wearing protective gear like masks and gloves.

SMS Hospital superintendent Dr D S Meena said that a private firm had approached them, offering a robot which could carry food and medicines to patients, a job normally done by the nursing staff.

“We are conducting a trial and a committee has been formed to see its efficiency,””  he said. The committee will submit a report.

The robot at SMS Hospital uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) to do its job. It doesn't need to follow lines on the floor and can navigate its own way, according to developer Bhuvnesh Mishra.

It can supposedly use the lift and reach a particular bed in a specific ward. When it starts running out of power, it heads towards the charging point, the manufacturers claim.

Dr Meena called it a good step. Doctors and the nurses have higher chances of getting infected with the virus, he reminded. According to him, the nursing staff likes the idea.