Meet Sagar Patil: Fittest school security guard in Mumbai

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Sagar in his free time participates in marathons in and around Mumbai.

School Security Guard Sagar Patil. (Photo: File)

For a lot of people staying fit and taking out time for regular exercise can be a big struggle. But not for this 29-year-old Mumbai based school security guard Sagar Patil, who in his free time participates in many full and half marathons in and around Mumbai.

Sagar lives in Dombivali, wakes up early morning at 3.30 am and gets ready to board the first train at 4 am from Dombivali and reach his school at Grant Road. Later he puts on the running gear he heads straight to Marine Drive for his training. From 5 am to 6 am he trains and then later goes back to school to start his work from 7 am till 7 pm. He works 6 days a week.   

He says, "Every marathon or a walkathon for me is an opportunity to prove myself over and over again. Such challenges excite me and make me do my best every time. Every race is a competition with myself and every win is my biggest achievement."

Sagar Patil has seen tough times from a very young age, he was a farmer who moved to Mumbai in 2010 to find a job and support his family due to financial problems he was facing as a farmer. Since the past 6 years, he has been working as a security guard at DSB international school.

Sagar has always been a fitness enthusiast from a young age and has been participating in many full and half marathons since the time he moved to Mumbai. He met his coach and mentor is Kranti Salvi 3 years back who is a Guinness book record holder for fastest marathoner dressed in a sari at the Berlin Marathon in 2018.

This year Sagar Patil is partaking in Oxfam Trailwalker India an annual walkathon conducted by Oxfam India which is to be held next month. This walkathon is the biggest and longest in India and is stressful because one has to walk 100 km over two days.

This walkathon is in Karjat and has top corporate and others partaking. Sagar did take the walkathon last year too and completed it. This goaded him to take on the challenge this year. Since he cannot afford much in life, two ex-pats who are walking with him are sponsoring his walk. The school is also okay to grant him two days of leave. Sagar does not have fancy shoes or clothes to walk and run but he has the spirit and that is what gets him far as people come forward to help him.