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If lower belly fat has been your low, try this new technique to say farewell to that flab!

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Tired of that lower-belly fat? No worries because we’ve got the best solutions for you! The fat contains two types of receptors that have opposite functions, these are alpha and beta receptors. Thus, fats with a higher content of beta receptor can easily break down whereas those with greater alpha receptors does not break down easily.

Lipolysis is a fat reducing procedure where the fat cells are destroyed and the fat is removed surgically or non-surgically. Liposuction is a permanent fat reduction procedure that has undergone several significant developments and one of the latest procedures for fat removal is Vaser liposuction.

Some celebs that have undergone this procedure are Kim Kardashian, Maria Carey, Jessica Alba and Sharon Osbourne.

The areas of the body that are well-suited to perform Vaser liposuction includes thighs, knees, abdomen, love handles, arms, chest, chin and neck. This procedure offers the cosmetic surgeon great control, and helps to achieve a smooth body contour.

For achieving the optimal results, the pre and post-surgical instructions that are provided by the surgeon must be followed minutely. The patients recover quickly after following a Vaser liposuction since the pain and bruising involved are negligible for this procedure. Generally, patients can resume normal activities within four days of undergoing the procedure.

Since the procedure is less invasive, the downtime involved is also lesser. It is priced around Rs 95,000 to Rs 1,25,000, depending on your doctor. A little pain or discomfort can be experienced but that can be managed with medication. Those who undergo this procedure can resume normal activities within a day or two but cannot start exercising unless completely recovered.  Some part of the results may be visible immediately but the final results can be seen after four to six months.

For a perfect body contour one can opt for this procedure. Vaser is a body sculptor which removes fat from certain parts of the body and helps to achieve a smooth body contour. 

— The writer is a cosmetic surgeon.