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Exclusive: Yehhaimerilife project


Published on: September 13, 2019 | Updated on: September 13, 2019

Jharkhand Yuwa (Photo: File)

The idea behind the brand and USP of the brand

It is impractical and sometimes impossible to get complete nutrition every day through food sources because one needs to eat too much of too many things. Is it possible to get all the nutrition in a single-serve to fill any nutritional gaps that exist in our diets? That was the question which inspired the creation of Happy Ratio, a brand which quantifies nutrition based on unbiased research.

Malnourishment and Nutrition: Issues that keep India from modernisation, how does the brand plan to counter them?

With the help of partners, Happy Ratio is providing 100,000 Happy Ratio Complete Nutrition Meals to girls who are part of YUWA, an NGO based in Jharkhand. If we can make a difference in one of the poorest states in the country where malnourishment and stunted growth is rampant, then this program can be replicated to many other parts of the country to eradicate malnutrition.

What is the product and how is it going to make a difference compared to other supplements?

We believe that complete nutrition in combination is way more powerful than nutrition in isolation. Each Happy Ratio meal is a Complete Nutrition blend that fulfils nutritional gaps in varied diets, helps manage overall health, fuels exercise and sports, and aids in maintaining optimal weight. Happy Ratio contains every nutrient that the body needs to fuel one's muscles, brain, metabolism, energy and immunity. Each drink is created from a unique blend of ingredients which are made from real food sources. One will need to eat too many supplements in too many varied quantities to get the kind of nutrition which Happy Ratio provides.

About #Yehhaimerilife project

Given that one of the ways to assess if a state is performing well is to determine how their girls are doing, #Yehhaimerilife focuses on girls who are based in Jharkhand, a state which ranks lowest in female literacy and is among the worst in human trafficking, bonded labour and malnutrition. Thanks to YUWA, girls in Jharkhand are beating stereotypes by using football as a means to become mentally and physically stronger which educating themselves out of poverty.  Heena Sidhu, India’s first gold medallist in pistol shooting at the IFFS World Cup, and known personalities like Rochelle Rao, Saumya Tandon, Hamsa Nandini, and Karan Grover have come forward to support this campaign. The project aims to highlight the crucial role that nutrition plays to succeed in sports and life.

How will the campaign progress be measured

The impact of the 100,000 Happy Ratio Complete Nutrition meals provided over the period of one year will be measured against a control group to see the impact on weight, height and performance.

Expansion plans for the project for 2019-2020

After the period of one year, the program will continue in Jharkhand for the following year and it’s scope to take the program pan-India will be evaluated.