Women are increasingly going for a vampire facial for breasts

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The procedure is non-surgical and involves drawing blood from the arm to reinsert in the breasts.

It gives shapelier breasts and less wrinkles (Photo: AFP)

Surgical and non-surgical procedures for enhancing facial and physical features have always been popular with people across the world. While many of these are carried out regularly, people have also adopted some bizarre means to change the way they look from time to time.

The Vampire facial is one such process made popular by Kim Kardashian in 2014, and now it’s back as a trend, this time for breasts. Like the facial, the Vampire breast lift is non-surgical and involves two sessions lasting 60 minutes each.

Blood is drawn from the arm for the treatment and spun in a centrifuge to separate platelet rich plasma. This is then reinserted in the breasts so that the cleavage gets a fuller look.

Women who want to enhance their breasts but are not willing to go for surgery are opting for this breast lift. The procedure giving shapelier breasts, less skin sagging and less wrinkles is popular with interest doubling over the past year.