Sanctuary of luxurious textures

Deccan Chronicle.  | Radhika Vashisht

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Hyderabadis were in for a fashion extravaganza at the recently concluded fashion show ‘Sanctuary’.

Shriya Bhupal with her showstopper P.V. Sindhu

For Shriya, a sanctuary represents a hidden paradise with thriving florals and rich, verdant textures. “Sanctuary is a space of inspiration, an inner sanctum.

Ideas, dreams, and memories — all reside in that place. It’s a place that’s constantly blossoming, an inner world of optimism and enchantment. So also, my ‘Sanctuary’ collection is defined by floral motifs, lush textures, wistful tones and spirited contrasts of colour,” shares Shriya Bhupal, a Hyderabad-based designer whose Shriya Som label specialises in ready-to-wear couture and evening wear.

In her Autumn/Winter’19 collection, the designer has toyed with many interpretations of her inner sanctuary, inspired by her own repository of dreams, ideas, memories and promises. “It comes from a space of abundant nature and vivid imagery — a place that I find myself returning to for rediscovering myself,” she adds. Her latest collection masterfully explores the idea of duality using dark and light, soft and layered, pleated textures. A playful palette of colours ranging from earthy hues and pastels, such as fuchsia, merlot and midnight blues sought expression through the dual tones achieved by dyeing and layering techniques.

The big surprise at the bridal line

As a part of her new collection, Shriya also introduced a fresh bridal couture line, a versatile fusion of traditional and contemporary style. Luxurious texture and vibrant floral and embroidery define silhouettes in gowns and skirts. As a surprise gesture, P.V. Sindhu was the showstopper for the evening.  “Shriya is a very good friend of mine and I am glad to have walked for her. Her collection is unique with its floral texture and it’s really beautiful, and I really loved it,” shares Sindhu.

Natural inspirations

‘Sanctuary’ is a subtle combination of innovative techniques, designs and craftsmanship, the collection also includes chic ready-to-wear pieces, featuring dimensional embellishments and surface embroideries with pastel tones against layers of sharp contrasts. Urban luxury, fusing international techniques and silhouettes with Indian craftsmanship are what best define her work. Explorations in surface embroideries, 3D motifs, draping and texturing are a signature of the brand. “Every designer creates a space that comes naturally and instinctively to them. Creativity is about each person’s individual expression. My designs resonate with femininity and romanticism,” she elaborates.