Manyam shrouded by fog, creating commuter hazards

Update: 2023-11-03 18:58 GMT

 Visakhapatnam: Manyam, a picturesque region in the Alluri district of Andhra Pradesh, has been transformed into a winter wonderland by a dense blanket of heavy fog. However, the same weather conditions that have delighted tourists have also created treacherous road conditions, posing significant challenges for commuters and travelers.

The fog, coupled with intermittent rain, has shrouded Manyam and its neighbouring areas, reducing visibility to alarmingly low levels. Drivers struggle to navigate through the thick fog, with vehicles becoming nearly invisible at just a 100 feet's distance. Consequently, road accidents and traffic disruptions have become alarmingly frequent.

In addition to Manyam, various regions in Andhra Pradesh are expecting distinct weather conditions in the coming days. Ananthagiri is forecast to receive a cumulative rainfall of 106.6 mm, with average maximum temperatures of 31.6°C and minimum temperatures around 24.2°C. Araku Valley is poised to experience a total rainfall of 73.4 mm, with average maximum temperatures reaching 31.8°C and minimum temperatures of 23.9°C.

Chintapalle anticipates a total rainfall of 87.6 mm, with average maximum temperatures of 31.7°C and minimum temperatures maintaining an average of 23.9°C.

Local authorities have issued warnings to both residents and tourists, urging them to exercise extreme caution when traveling in the area. Recommendations include using headlights and fog lights, maintaining safe distances between vehicles, and driving at reduced speeds to mitigate the risks associated with diminished visibility.


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