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A Feast of Art, Music, and Innovation Unfolds at DEWAR'S Stay Curious HQ in Hyderabad


Published on: August 6, 2023 | Updated on: August 6, 2023

DEWAR'S Stay Curious HQ by DEWAR'S Xperiences brought to the enchanting city a befittingly alluring multi-sensorial experience. (Image: DC)

Celebrating Hyderabad’s rich cultural heritage and passion for immersive cultural experiences, DEWAR’S Stay Curious HQ by DEWAR’S Xperiences brought to the enchanting city a befittingly alluring multi-sensorial experience. Studded with a memorable melange of curious collaborations, unexpected confluences, and boundless co-creations, the evening unfolded at Gallery78, Shilpa Hills. From intriguing confluences of performative art and design to immersive music, dance and hands-on workshop experiences, audiences witnessed a compelling fusion of modern and traditional artistic expression on this explorative evening, thoughtfully crafted to captivate all their senses – from sight and sound to touch and taste.

Explore new realms of audiovisual delights

A veteran in the music industry, electronic music producer Murthovic aka Sri Rama Murthy has been making music for over 18 years now. Weaving a narrative with his electronic music and ambient vocals in a captivating fusion of contemporary dance and principles of Bharatanatyam, Murthovik took the stage by storm for a genre-defying performance ‘FlowState’, in collaboration with Bharatnatyam dancer Anahita Chaliha and Carnatic singer Gopika Jairam.

DEWAR'S Stay Curious HQ

For those curious about new media arts in the city, visual-artist Aniruddh Mehta x  music technologist Myles unveiled their masterpiece ‘Overture’. The captivating 14-minute act packed an enthralling blend of sci-fi abstraction of flashing lights, geometric forms, organic topologies and textures – making for a truly dynamic spectacle at the DEWAR’S Stay Curious HQ stage!

Embark on a novel journey of intellectual discoveries

With a chance to savor some delectable food for thought, audiences engaged in Curious Conversation with Hyderabad's diverse creatives across art, design, and fashion, including critically acclaimed filmmaker Nag Ashwin Reddy – whose work in Telugu cinema has won him immense recognition and awards, including Best Feature Film in Telugu at the 2019 National Film Awards and Best Director at 2019 Filmfare Award.  As he continues to make headlines with his upcoming Prabhas and Deepika Padukone starrer ‘Kalki’, the talented filmmaker took audiences on a creative journey behind the scenes, infused with personal insights from his own journey in the industry at DEWAR’S Stay Curious HQ.

Fashion enthusiasts in the city explored the thought-provoking installation ‘The Futuristic Bride’ by designer Kavya Potluri. The installation was a captivating blend of elegance and boldness that perfectly captured a representation of a modern bride who defies conventions, through the young artist’s enigmatic and futuristic style.

Bringing to the DEWAR’S stage a moving live-art showcase of ‘City souls’ that touched upon themes of identity crisis, feeling of sonder in big cities, monochromatic artist Sushi Surge was also present – inspiring audiences to render refreshing ways of looking at the world  with this insightful exhibit.

Say Cheers! to an exquisite epicurean journey with innovative mixology

Indulging highball enthusiasts in a delightfully delectable experience, the DEWAR’S Mixology Lab offered audiences a sweet taste of modern mixology with immersive hands-on workshops led by Ishrat Kaur and Wayne Michael Davis from Bacardi India – encouraging them to discover first-hand the allure of expertly crafted whisky highballs at this haven of innovation and creativity.

Launched in Mumbai on 15th July, DEWAR’S Stay Curious HQ by DEWAR’S Xperiences in Hyderabad was the second leg of the five experientials scheduled to captivate different cities across the country in the upcoming months.