Milind Soman Leads Participants in Cycle Ride to Celebrate World Bicycle Day

Update: 2023-06-03 17:31 GMT
More than 250 participants enthusiastically participated in the initiative to celebrate World Bicycle Day. (Image: DC)

Mumbai: India’s Fitness Icon Milind Soman flagged off the cycle ride organised by Lifelong Online to celebrate World Bicycle Day at Andheri, Mumbai. Milind Soman cycled with 250+ participants on Mumbai roads with an aim to encourage people to take a step toward better health and a pollution-free environment.  

World Bicycle Day is observed annually on June 3. This year’s theme is Bicycle is not just demonstrates sustainable means of transportation and symbolizes progress and advancement of human life.

Milind Soman embarks on a cycle ride to celebrate World Bicycle Day. (Image: DC)

Milind Soman is on a fitness mission to aware everyone about fitness through various initiatives, be it running or cycling. Milind Soman has been associated with the campaign, urging people to “Fight Lazy”, a movement urging everyone to fight their lazy selves and push themselves to be their fittest versions. An initiative of cycle rides on the occasion of World Bicycle Day urges everyone to start taking a small step towards keeping our environment healthy by choosing the right mode of transport.

Speaking at the occasion, Milind Soman said, “I believe more such events should be organized where people can enjoy cycling with their friends and family. Cycling is the easiest and most fun activity in terms of exercise. It not only helps us to keep ourselves healthy but also contributes to reducing our carbon footprints. I always make sure to use sustainable transportation as much as possible to keep our air healthy and breathable. We all must be part of such initiatives, so we can maintain the quality of the environment for future generations. We all should start using these environmentally fit sustainable transports.”

Bharat Kalia, Co-Founder, Lifelong Online Retail Pvt. Ltd., said. “It's been a long time since we are associated with Milind for various initiatives, to keep our body and environment healthy. This World Bicycle Day, we wish to inspire everyone to start using cycles to be their fittest version and to maintain the quality of the environment too.”


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