His Majesty's Headhunters: Untold story of Kohima

By :  Victor Rao
Update: 2023-10-24 09:39 GMT
The Siege of Kohima boook cover.

Providing a unique perspective of Nagaland and its warrior, His Majesty’s Headhunters uncovers the untold story of the siege regarded as one of the more celebrated battles of D-Day and often referred to as the ‘Stalingrad of the East’ by Western scholars.

Penguin Random House India has announced the acquisition of the historical account of the significance of the battle tentatively titled, “His Majesty’s Headhunters” by Aspen Fellow and Naga poet Mmhonlumo Kikon. The book sheds light on the ultimate sacrifice of the Naga community which completely changed the face of World War II.

Author Mmhonlumo Kikon, a two time legislator in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly, recounts the intense and lasting impact of the Second World War on North Eastern India. The deeply-researched historical accounts drawing on records left by the officers and soldiers who fought in Kohima is a page-turner. The book brilliantly unveils the making and unmaking of British colonialism in the Naga Hills.

This is just the story narrated so far by everyone except the Nagas. The real history of this battle which involved the Japanese Army is yet to be recounted. If it were not the Naga people, the Allied forces would have been defeated in Kohima and the Japanese Army would have secured the Dimapur railway station.

A well-read book divulging the history of a small town, which was witness to an epic battle that secured the destiny of the free world.


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