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Raageshree academy students stage a soul-stirring performance


Published on: February 19, 2023 | Updated on: February 20, 2023

Student's of Raageshree Academy's perform Hindustani classical music  during the eighth annual students concert at Phoenix Arena Hitec City on Sunday. (Photo: R. Pavan)

HYDERABAD: Students of Raageshree Academy put up a soul-stirring performance at the institute's eighth annual students' concert on Sunday.

People across all demographics turned up in huge numbers at the event. "We made arrangements for about 150 people, but they've all filled up and we have people standing at the venue," said Rachita Gopal, one of the organisers of the event, pointing to the crowd.

Students from ages 5-15, who were trained by renowned Hindustani vocalist Harini Rao, performed in groups and gave some mesmerising solo performances that earned some standing ovations from audience that weren't just their parents and family but also fans of the art form.

The harmonium solo by Upkar Godboley seemed to be crowd favourite, and as also the rendition of ‘Lajile Sakuchile’ by Stuti Agastya, Kirat Samaara, Ahan and Yash.

The 30 students had the biggest, most cheerful smiles as they performed to an eager and attentive audience.

They kept the audience glued right from the Saraswati prayer, Iyam Swatantra, Raag Brindavani and Nottu Swarams to a Natyageet, Raag Alhaiya and Surdas Bhajan.

The best was reserved for the last with Harini Rao performing a captivating solo that gave every one the perfect end to a delightful show. Harini said, "Nothing felt more rewarding than watching her prodigies give it their all on the stage."

Guests were also welcomed with several food stalls and a mini market where people bought toys, organic artefacts, handwoven garments, food, drinks and more.