When science meets art!

Deccan Chronicle.  | Ruth Prarthana

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This solo play by a female artiste depicts the merger of two different streams, Mathematics and Bharatnatyam.

Preethi Bharadwaj

Plays that we are used to, have a string of cast members with a male and female protagonist. But in the first of its kind, Yamuna is a one woman play, where the solo artiste will be the centre of attention. This is not the only thing that is unique about the play. The play, tries to link two very different concepts that are in no way related to each other — Mathematics and Bharatnatyam. You will be witness to art and science coming together in Yamuna which is set to happen on May 25 and 26 at Prayog Studios.

The fictitious character of Yamuna played by Bharatanatyam dancer Preethi Bharadwaj is at the centre of attention in this play. Director Vedarun Rajkumar shares, “The play is about a mathematician as well as bharatanatyam dancer. The play is about what Yamuna goes through in her life and how art and science effect her life positively and negatively.” The common perception is that maths and bharatanatyam are diverse. Through this play, Vedarun wanted to prove that  they are co-related. “The goal for both art and science is the search for truth. The way you understand the world and how it translates to an understanding of yourself. Art and science does the same and that’s where they meet,” he adds sharing that the themes being discussed in the play are quite relevant in today’s age as well.

Explaining this he adds, “The play shows how Yamuna deals with relationships as well. Not just romantic ones but the relationship she shares with her father. mother. husband etc.” The play traces the story of Yamuna from her childhood and how a symmetry places a major role in her life. He adds, “Symmetry connects art and science. For example, in bharatanatyam, you have the symmetry of movements which makes it beautiful.”

This play is unique because it being directed by person who is an applied mathematician. Vedarun sort of brings in a different perception from an artist can do. “You don’t have to be an artist or scientist to appreciate the play,” he shares.

Talking about her character Preethi Bharadwaj says, “Yamuna is a small town girl who is a mathematician as well as a dancer. She wants to see the world with a lot of optimism and she is also non-judgmental.  Yamuna love unabashedly, gives generously that part is very me.”

When asked about the kind of preparation she went through for this play, she shares, “The mathematician Yamuna was a little tough to do as I had to learn the concept but the dancer Yamuna was a piece of cake. I am a movement artiste as well. Therefore, I wanted to tell the story of a mathematician rather than just a monologue which was quite difficult.”