Medicos studying in China need Chinese licence to practice in India

Update: 2022-11-07 20:12 GMT
Indians who are taking medical courses in China without a license will not be eligible to appear for the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (Photo: Twitter)

NEW DELHI: Indians who are taking medical courses in China but fail to obtain a licence for practice there will not be eligible to appear for the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination as per the rules of the National Medical Commission (NMC) to practice in India, the Indian Embassy in Beijing said.

It also requested Beijing to ensure all Indian medical students in China “are educated, trained and facilitated” so that they can fulfil the requirements of the NMC, wherein they must be registered with the country they study in.

The statement was in response to queries from prospective Indian students as well as their parents regarding eligibility for Indian students who are pursuing clinical medicine programmes in China to appear in qualifying examination conducted by National Medical Commission of India.

It said, “Gazette Notification dated November 18, 2021, by the NMC has unambiguously stated in Clause 4(b) that foreign medical students must be ‘registered with the respective professional regulatory body or otherwise, competent to grant licence to practice medicine in their respective jurisdiction of the country in which the medical degree is awarded and at par with the license to practice medicine given to citizen of that country’.”

The embassy said, “Another related query was whether the Indian students can work in Chinese hospitals in a capacity such as ‘assistant doctor’ after completing their medical education in China but fail to obtain medical practitioner license in China so as to enable them to earn a living and payback education loans. The Embassy has formally approached relevant Chinese authorities to confirm existence of such an option. The Embassy will share any information, when received from the Chinese side, in its social media handles.”

It added, “Prospective students/parents are advised to directly re-confirm all terms of reference of admission directly from the relevant universities in China, before accepting such admission”.

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