Talent development is a key priority for Indian companies in 2024: LinkedIn

Update: 2024-02-27 08:10 GMT
LinkedIn has released its latest Workplace Learning Report
LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, has released its latest Workplace Learning Report which points out that 94% of companies in India plan to enhance their employees’ skills and abilities this year, as AI continues to reshape the world of work. According to the report, upskilling employees, aligning learning programs to business goals, and creating a culture of learning are the top 3 focus areas for India’s Learning & Development (L&D) professionals in 2024.

Soft skills take centre stage as 9 in 10 L&D pros prioritise human skills

Amidst rapidly changing skill requirements due to AI and automation, 98% of employers in India note significant shifts in the skills they prioritise in job candidates. Companies now value candidates with not just AI expertise, but also soft skills and a capacity for learning.

The report reveals that 91% of L&D professionals in India view human skills as increasingly competitive in the economy. 'Communication' has topped LinkedIn’s most in-demand skills list in 2024 across all countries in APAC, including India. Our research also shows that soft skills like critical thinking and problem-solving are amongst the top five skills that hiring managers in India consider the most important in the era of AI.

Ruchee Anand, Senior Director - Talent, Learning and Engagement Solutions, LinkedIn India, says, “Last year, we saw a 21x surge in job postings mentioning ChatGPT or GPT on LinkedIn, reflecting the growing demand for tech skills as businesses explored AI. This year, we are seeing a pronounced shift towards skills - both technical and soft skills - to thrive in the era of AI. With skills for jobs globally expected to change 68% by 2030, we are seeing a greater emphasis on learning both technical and soft skills with a majority of employers surveyed agreeing that this balance will be critical for organisations to succeed in the age of AI.”

L&D professionals keen on investing in a culture of continuous learning

Companies in India are focussing on enhancing employees’ skills for greater confidence and job security by offering online training and development programmes (53%) and providing opportunities for hands-on experimentation with Gen AI tools (54%).

This soaring focus on creating a culture of learning will lead to increased investments in learning opportunities. In fact, 96% of L&D professionals in India say they can show business value by helping employees gain skills to move into different internal roles.

Attracting and retaining top talent through internal mobility

LinkedIn's report highlights that 48% of India’s hiring managers are providing career progression opportunities to their existing employees. They also believe ‘helping employees build the skills needed for the future of work’ (38%) and ‘providing competitive salary and benefits’ (31%) are key to retaining top talent.

Additionally, India’s hiring managers believe that highlighting career advancement opportunities (59%), and ‘increasing internal mobility’ (51%) are crucial to attract top talent.

LinkedIn introduces AI-powered features to help companies hire, upskill, and develop talent

To assist companies in taking a skills-first approach for achieving their L&D and talent goals, LinkedIn has introduced innovative AI-powered experiences, featuring:

● Tools such as Recruiter 2024, LinkedIn’s AI-assisted recruiting experience, enables hirers to quickly access high-quality candidate recommendations by using natural language search prompts and rich data from millions of professionals and companies, ensuring they are able to shortlist talent based on skills they need. These features will ramp to all of LinkedIn’s APAC customers in English-speaking markets from the end of February.

● To empower companies to build the skills they need for the next decade of work, LinkedIn has launched AI-powered coaching in LinkedIn Learning – a chatbot experience that offers real-time advice and tailored content recommendations all personalised for learners based on their job title, career goal, and skills they follow. This is currently available to APAC customers in English-speaking markets. LinkedIn has also been focused on expanding their in-demand skills library, including AI courses that have seen a 5X uptick in learners.

● In early March, LinkedIn will be launching new career development and internal mobility features within LinkedIn Learning to help guide employees to critical skills, develop skills that matter to grow, and connect to the best-fit opportunity at their organisation. This will be available in English, Hindi, Japanese, Indonesian and Malay, amongst others.

Study Methodology

LinkedIn’s latest research was conducted by Censuswide, among a sample of 4323 Hiring managers (middle management) aged 18-77 in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, USA, India, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, China, Netherlands, Sweden, MENA, and Brazil.


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