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Final Draft actor Pratyush Sharma talks about producer Saksham Masih


Published on: December 23, 2022 | Updated on: December 23, 2022

Saksham Masih, who joined hands with Pratyush Sharma in his latest project and helped him turn this series into a reality. (Photo by arrangement)

MUMBAI: After the success of his recent romantic drama web series, "Final Draft", the lead actor and producer Pratyush Sharma became the talk of the town. But, not many people know that there is another hand behind the success of this series, the co-producer, and co-actor of the series, Saksham Masih, who joined hands with Pratyush Sharma in his latest project and helped him turn this series into a reality.

In a recent interview with us, Pratyush Sharma talks about his business partner and old-friend Saksham Masih’s journey into the cinema.

Pratyush says, "When I approached Saksham with the script of Final Draft and asked him to co-produce the series with me, none of us had any idea that this project will turn out to be this successful, yet he said yes in an instant saying that he believes in this project and is willing to see it on the screens. He eventually became the backbone of the whole series. This is the kind of person Saksham is, always filled with positive energies."

Saksham Masih(who also portrayed the character of "Sam" in the series) is born and raised in the small city of Kota, Rajasthan. He never thought of doing acting(or film production) in the future as he only had done acting in small plays or skits in his school. But he has always been fond of watching movies & web series of different genres. After completing his 12th he moved to Navi Mumbai to pursue his graduation, where he met with Pratyush Sharma, who was not only his batchmate but also became one of his good friends. Pratyush was already working in the film industry back then and seeing him work also motivated Saksham to try his luck in the lucrative world of cinema.

After completing his graduation, Saksham started to learn more about acting and film production, until one day when he was approached by Pratyush Sharma with the script of his iconic web series, "Final Draft" where he asked him to co-produce the series and also asked him to audition for the role of "Sam". After seeing the audition, Pratyush was impressed by his performance and saw the scope of his acting career, and that’s how Saksham Masih’s journey as a professional actor and producer began.

After the release of the web series, "Final Draft", it turns out, the Audience loved his role as Sam, whose dialogue " Haan bhai! Pyaar mein toh log kya-kya kar jaate hain, Tu uske liye khana nahi bana sakta?!", got so much love and praise from the audience. It should be noted that the character Sam is a good friend of Aditya(portrayed by Pratyush Sharma) in the series who looks innocent at first but in reality, is involved with some shady people & businesses.

Anyways, flashforward to today, Saksham is now an official business partner with Pratyush Sharma, who produce 1 web series each year, and the duo is already working on the second season of their viral romantic drama, "Final Draft".

Apart from acting and production, Saksham is also active in professional online gaming where he owns a successful YouTube channel named "SamPlayzAll" with more than 50,000 subscribers and counting.

The "Final Draft" actor says, "When Pratyush first came to me with the idea about this web series and to take me in as a Co-Producer, I never thought that we would be making a web series which will be loved by the audience so much. I am grateful for all the love and support I have received from the fans and also grateful for having such an amazing production team & actors with me."

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