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All About Women Power For Salaam Venky

21 January 2023

It is often said that Bollywood is a male-dominated industry. The biggest superstars are some of the male actors and female filmmakers are few and far in between. In an industry of this nature, it is quite difficult for a woman to make her mark. But, that’s exactly what Varsha Kukreja has managed to do!

After co-founding and managing BLive Music, one of the biggest independent music labels today, Varsha has now got into film production with ‘Salaam Venky’. For her maiden film as a producer, Varsha has roped in Kajol, one of the biggest actresses in the industry. The film is being directed by celebrated actress and filmmaker Revathy. The technical crew of the film, too, has many women. By getting so many women on board for her first film as a producer, Varsha has set a fine example.

“I am someone who believes in gender equality. As far as ‘Salaam Venky’ is concerned, a sensitive story of this kind needed the perspective of a female director. Kajol is one of the finest actresses we have and I feel privileged to have her lead the cast of my debut film as a producer. Though not by design, a bunch of incredible women are working on this film and are doing a fabulous job at handling the work in their respective department”, the producer says.

Varsha agrees the number of women working in the film industry is much lesser as compared to the number of men in it. She also believes that as more and more women leave a mark and do good work, this imbalance will cease to exist.

Elaborating on this subject, she says, “One of the biggest and most influential producers in the industry is Ekta Kapoor. We have so many wonderful women working as actresses, directors and technicians. Each of us should strive towards creating an ecosystem where women feel safe and comfortable working in. Once that happens, I am sure you will see women and men equally contributing towards the growth of the industry.”

With talented women like Varsha Kukreja making a difference with their unique vision and innovative ideas, one can definitely expect several young women to getting inspired to follow their dreams and pursue their passion in the magical world of cinema!

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