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Bilimbe Redefines Event Experiences with Innovative Photo Booths and QR Solutions


Published on: September 19, 2023 | Updated on: September 19, 2023

Through its Photobooth services, Bilimbe takes great pleasure in assisting in the formation of intense feelings. (Image: DC)

Bilimbe Redefines Event Experiences with Innovative Photo Booths and QR Code Solutions

Bilimbe broke into the scene in 2015, pioneering the Photobooth market. It has etched its footprint in the event landscape throughout the years, executing successful events in key cities such as Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. Bilimbe has revolutionised the whole events sector with a portfolio of over 5,000 successful events.

Bilimbe Photobooths have evolved into a stunning service in today's age of ubiquitous selfies. These technological marvels effortlessly capture your most cherished moments and swiftly disseminate them across numerous social media networks with a single click. Bilimbe's impact on viral and social media marketing is evident, providing a way to increase the value of events through painstakingly designed images.

Capture a snapshot at your event, adorn it with your preferred brand logo or organisational badge, and distribute it throughout social media channels, whether for brand promotion or social purposes. Photobooths have become an essential centrepiece at numerous events such as weddings, parties, and meetings. You may even shoot gorgeous videos and capture images of your guests with Bilimbe's outside Photobooth, creating unforgettable moments.

Through its Photobooth services, Bilimbe takes great pleasure in assisting in the formation of intense feelings. Their success has spread to places such as Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Hyderabad, and they are happy to provide Photobooth rental services throughout Tamil Nadu.

When it comes to Photo Booth types, Bilimbe offers an impressive array:

360-Degree Video Booth: Immerse yourself in a captivating video experience.

Instant Photo Prints: Get physical copies of your memories instantly.

Selfie Photo Booth: Take selfies to the next level with creative backdrops and props.

Mirror Photo Booth: Enjoy interactive fun with a magical mirror.

Strip Photo Booth: Capture moments in fun, strip-style prints.

Green Screen Photo Booth: Transport yourself to any backdrop with green screen technology.

Magazine Photo Booth: Be a cover star in your very own magazine.

Caricature Photo Booth: Get a hilarious caricature of yourself.

Word Cloud Photo Booth: Create art with words using guest contributions.

Prism Photo Booth: Add a touch of magic with prism effects.

VR Games: Dive into the virtual reality gaming world.

Digital Mosaic Wall: Watch your event come to life on a digital mosaic.

Digital Sling Shot: Experience the thrill of a digital slingshot.

Flip Book Photo Booth: Turn your event into a memorable flipbook.

Interactive Cycle Game Activity: Pedal your way to entertainment.

Digital Standby Display: Display digital content seamlessly.

Mind Control Car Game: Control a car with your mind, an experience like no other.

Bobble Head Photo Booth: Have a bobble-headed blast.

Hologram Fan: Add a touch of futuristic wonder with holograms.

Cloning Photo Booth: Multiply yourself in photos.

AR Photo Booth: Step into augmented reality.

Boomerang Photo Booth: Create fun and quirky boomerang videos.

Review Booth: Gather valuable feedback with a dedicated review booth.

GIF Photo Booth: Bring moments to life with animated GIFs.

Hashtag Printer: Instantly print photos tagged with your event's hashtag.

Signature Photo Booth: Let guests leave their mark with digital signatures.

Event Registration Made Easy with Bilimbe

QR Code Event Registration and Ticketing, a specialised service offered by Bilimbe, is a game changer. It makes event planning easier by providing QR code registrations, check-ins, and QR code multi-purpose ticketing. This comprehensive solution streamlines the event management process, enhances participant monitoring and administration, and provides useful information to event organisers.

Medical Conferences and medical Expos, Tech Expos, Trade Shows, Art Exhibitions, Music Concerts, Award Ceremonies, Sports and Cultural Events, and Food and confectionery Shows are just a few of the industries that can benefit from Bilimbe's support.

Finally, with its QR Code Event Registration and Ticketing services, Bilimbe has not only pioneered the Photobooth sector but has also ushered in a new era of event organising. Bilimbe ensures that every event is memorable, fun, and shareable by offering a diverse array of creative Photobooths. One click at a time, they have truly upgraded event experiences in India.

We're growing our business across India and inviting entrepreneurs to join our franchise.

Visit Bilimbe for additional information and to explore their offerings, or call the Founder, Neel Anand, at +91 98403 98703.