Bangalore-based architecture company WEA Designs achieves 7-year milestone


Founded in 2015, WEA Designs has executed over 1000+ projects in the last seven years. (Photo by arrangement)

WEA Designs, a unique interior design company in Bangalore, has successfully achieved a 7-year milestone. Founded with a vision to create of its kind designs, WEA Designs was founded by three friends who wanted to push boundaries and pursue their passion. With a style that is spontaneous yet very refined, WEA Designs primarily focuses on homes and commercial spaces that highlight the sophistication of the urban lifestyle.

Driven by commitment, passion, and creativity, the team at WEA Designs consists of trained architects, interior designers, artists, engineers and field supervisors. The team works in alignment with the client’s vision and helps them turn it into reality. Founded in 2015, WEA Designs has executed over 1000+ projects in the last seven years.

Highlighting the company’s progress and journey so far, Dhahab Marvan, Managing Director, WEA Designs, said, “The last seven years have been a roller coaster ride for the brand. Though we witnessed a temporary dent in operations during the Covid-19 pandemic due to the imposed restrictions and lockdown, we have managed to achieve our target and complete our projects on time. So far, we have ensured all our projects are unique, and the designs are completely different from one another. This is WEA Designs’ USP, and we thoroughly believe in this ideology. Over the years, we have successfully created a mark in the segment as a renowned interior design company in Bangalore.”

Sharing his thoughts about WEA Designs’ ethos, Rayees C., Executive Director/Design Head, said, “Design concept and visualization serve a much broader purpose than just aesthetic or artistic concerns. We believe that the concept of a design should reflect the attitude and beliefs of the customer. Creating a picturesque story of customer’s ideas with a polished artistic touch starting with a strategic planning process of gathering information and ideas and devising initial concept design to finally developing detailed plans, sketches, or drawings ideas into high-quality 3D visualization which will help our customers visualize with a complete walk-through of their space.”

Anoop P, Executive Director/Project Head, added, “Recognizing the importance of quality control and ensuring the harmony of all the elements of the project is not broken, WEA Designs has made it one of the obligatory factors to have a talented team of project managers and on-site supervisors until complete hand-over. To ensure quality project execution, WEA Designs includes regular visits to consult the construction resources on the designs, ensuring quality control over the finishing works, materials, and colouristic solutions delivered and that are coherent with the approved design. Regular stage-by-stage updates are communicated to the customers at their convenience as they can go around their usual routine and relax with total satisfaction. Brainstorming myriad details that have to be thought out, created, and managed so that every single piece that fits into the design needs to be precise. Depending on the scope and the complexity of a design, execution would be completed on or before the promised delivery specifics.”

Key USPs of WEA Designs:
· Custom Unique Designs Every Time
· Evergreen-Designs
· Authentic and Transparent Approach

WEA Designs is driven by purposeful decision-making, designed to ensure durability and longevity whilst stimulating the senses with elegant aesthetics and encouraging interaction with an equal balance of functionality.

In addition to being an out-of-the-box interior company in Bangalore, WEA Designs plans to expand its horizons venture into other states in India. Additionally, the company also aims to be an “all-in-one stop” solution starting from consultation to design concept experience centre with both fixed and loose furniture, along with materials like tiles, plywood, lights, and fixtures till soft furnishings like curtains, carpets, and more. Keeping in mind the growing popularity of the sector, WEA Designs’ long-term goal is to initiate an interior designing institute.

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