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How Dhanalakshmi Manasa's Boutique Manasa Makeover' Became Luxury Salon for Brides


Published on: December 14, 2022 | Updated on: December 20, 2022

Manasa Dhanalakshmi bagged the second runner-up position in the Mrs India International Queen 2022 competition. (Photo by arrangement)

Dhanalakshmi Manasa, 35, has set her mark on the world through her makeup artistry and makeovers. Based in Hyderabad, Manasa is an internationally trained beautician and has made massive strides in the sphere of bridal makeup. She works with brides to make their big day brighter and more glamorous and has also worked with various celebrities to make them red carpet ready.

Her Jubilee Hills studio "Manasa Makeover" has become a go-to destination among brides and celebrities for all their beauty needs. Manasa has made her boutique an all round salon experience that covers everything - be it skincare, hair care, makeup and styling. Her and her team specialise in creating looks for all events and their "Bridal Ritual" has caused a buzz among to-be brides who want rejuvenated skin and hair for their big day. What gives Manasa Makeover the winning edge is their couture  collection - on top of all the world class makeup and skin services they offer top-notch couture and styling for events and make your day hassle free since you get all round care under one roof. Manasa’s philosophy has struck a chord with many and is centred around self-care, she says, "Women are often made to feel bad about wanting to take better care of themselves and their body, and I find that very disheartening. Investing in one self and wanting to feel more confident is not vanity, it is self care. At Manasa Makeover our services are focused entirely on what our clients want, and is a safe bubble for brides to relax and rejuvenate before their big day.".

Manasa Dhanalakshmi bagged the second runner-up position in the Mrs India International Queen 2022 competition. She represented the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in the competition, showcasing the beauty of the Bathukamma festival. Bathukamma is a celebration of the spirit of Telangana and its natural bounty and Manasa embodied the vibrancy of Bathukamma in her presentation.

Manasa has plans to expand her boutique and apart from styling and makeup, she also provides photography and event decor to her clients. Her newly introduced lash line has been received very well and sold out instantly during the launch. Her ‘Princess Bridal Makeover’, is a huge hit amongst brides, since it offers a spa-like experience combined with hairstyling, makeup and of course- a royal treatment!

Her story has become an inspiration to women and girls across Telangana. Dhanalakshmi faced many trials and tribulations on her journey to where she is today, but she emerged victorious through every situation and is a strong role model that many look up to. She says that she was able to achieve this level of success through her passion for her work, and the determination to make a place for herself in the work. Dhanalakshmi has climbed up the ladder of success and continues to scale higher and higher everyday.

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