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Must read books by Author Namita Das, Deepti L Sharma, & Ka'Ron Gaines


Published on: September 14, 2021 | Updated on: September 14, 2021

Woke Seed Book is written by the global literary sensation and Creator of the word Woke Seed, Ka'Ron Gaines.  By arrangement

Keen Little Kuku by Author Namita Das

Has home-schooling made your pre-schooler become tedious during the lockdown? Are you looking for a fun bedtime story for your little one? Then the latest release by Target Publications titled 'Keen Little Kuku' might be a solution. Humour author Namita Das, who is already making waves in the readers market with her hilarious novellas, has made her debut in kids’ literature with this book.  This book is specifically designed for early readers, helping them to learn the alphabet as well as colours, shapes, adjectives, etc.

It’s a story about Little Kuku and his Mamma, who are on an evening walk. Keen Kuku, like any other kid, has non-ending questions for his Mamma who explains everything to him in an amusing way. The exceptionality of the book is the introduction of new words against the alphabet that makes a fascinating story.

Namita said, "When I was introducing alphabets to my 3-year-old, I was searching for a book to help me do that and also introduce him to other concepts like colours and shapes. But all I found were board books with pictures of Apple, Ball, Cat or completely different books for colors and shapes. So, I decided to write a story that would do all of this in a single book." She added, "When my son and his friends read the book for the first time, they displayed their enjoyment by repeating the short rhythms that each alphabet came with."

With Keen Little Kuku, Namita has put her first step in the Children’s storytelling world, while she has already won the hearts of readers young and old with her funny books named "Who Ate Our Food?", "It’s Punny Oops, I mean Funny!" and "Happily Technically, Ever After." You can follow Namita Das on her social media handles, where she interacts actively with her followers. For her blogs, poetry, and shorties, check out her website

Gullu and Nanaiyya by Author Deepti L Sharma

‘Gullu and Nanaiyya - Tree Plantation’ is the type of book that emerges when a sensitive and observant author also happens to be a trained ecologist. A rare combination, you’d say? Well, Deepti L. Sharma, who has brought alive on paper the little girl Gullu and her Grandmom (Nanaiyya), is one of the few with this unusual set of attributes. Sharma holds a doctorate in Ecology, and is the founder of three brands - TerraNero, an environmental consultancy firm, Urban Econook, a plant nursery and Poison Pen, a copyediting firm. Printed by the illustrious Target Publications Pvt Ltd, the ‘Gullu and Nanaiyya’ series is inspired by Sharma’s close family and her regular work in the field of environmental science.

"The human mind begins to ask serious questions at a very young age and must get answers that are simultaneously understandable and logical. Through this series of short stories for children, this is what I am aiming at - presenting in a simple and entertaining manner, serious socio-environmental concerns plaguing us today. My interaction with my children gives me this firm faith that they are little adults with tiny, functional minds quite capable of understanding facets of reality and reason," opines Sharma. "Children are the future. The environment is in their hands. They’re going to save it, and they need to be well-equipped for that."

Apart from the Gullu and Naniyya books, Sharma has also authored four other books - ‘Chirnaveen Mahabharat’ (a collection of Hindi poems on Mahabharat characters), ‘Extremely…’ (a collection of English short stories), ‘Odes And Ends’ (a collection of English poems) and the English translation of the Hindi classic ‘Chandrakanta.’ Sharma is fairly active on her social media handles @deepti_l_sharma on Instagram and Facebook. In her own words, she's 'married to science, romancing literature!'

Woke Seed Book by Ka'Ron Gaines

Woke Seed Book is written by the global literary sensation and Creator of the word Woke Seed, Ka’Ron Gaines. The story based around a child named Light who visits his Uncle’s place without having plans of doing so. This unplanned trip sees Light making new friends, having more fun and getting more ideas, he also manages to squeeze time to have deep and meaningful conversations with those around him and starts to develop a better understanding of life. The book has colourful pages which would make the reading experience, even more, better for your young ones.

Talking about the author, Ka'Ron Gaines is a proud father of six children, author, activist and entrepreneur. He has founded many initiatives which are successfully running all around the world. Apart from all this, he is also a recording artist and a talented artist. The amount of love that he has received from India especially after the release of his book is unprecedented and something that he admits to have not been expecting till some months back.

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