Christmas cheer comes early at St. Ann's

Deccan Chronicle.

The theme this year was, ‘It's the season to sparkle’; the children prayed for global peace

Father Vincent Raj greets senior teacher, Mary Daniel, who keeping with the holiday spirit dressed up as Santa Claus.(Photo:DC)

Hyderabad: Students at St Ann's High School for Girls in Secunderabad were delighted to have Santa visit them in class ahead of Christmas. It was none other than a senior teacher, Mary Daniel, who got into the holiday spirit by singing carols and dressing up as Santa Claus. To applause, she sang ‘Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells’.

Nearly 1,500 school children appeared rejuvenated and refreshed while greeting the "Santa" teacher and taking part in the celebrations that included music, comedy, dance, and Mashup-Choreo.

The centre of attention was the nativity play, in which the birth story of Jesus Christ was enacted and nativity figures including shepherds, sheep, the three wise men, and angels were on display next to the manger.

Everyone on the teaching and support staff was quite eager to participate in the nativity play. The purpose of the play was to instil love, hope, and happiness among the students.

The carol competitions between the four houses of the school featured about 30 contingents from each squad.

The carol ‘Mary's boy child’ was sung with students joining in the chorus. It was a cheerful festive atmosphere with students tastefully dressed in red and green.

Father Vincent Raj addressed the Friday student body on the theme ‘It's the season to sparkle’ about what Christmas means, "Joy of sharing, love, and peace”.

Mary Ratna, the principal of the school, said, "The best aspect of today's celebration was that the children prayed for global peace. This school celebrates every festival to foster unity and harmony. Students and staff took part in the celebrations with joy. Even ex-students came back to the campus to join in the festivities; for many of them, it was a journey down memory lane. Students who performed well received gifts. They will always remember these events and celebrations.”