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Published on: June 3, 2023 | Updated on: June 3, 2023

Top BJP leaders have decided to bring out the whip to get their folks in the state to fall in line.

When kids play truant, or act up to get some attention, it is common to dismiss it saying "bachpana hai yeh sab (these are the follies of youth)". This is how the BJP has decided to deal with the voices of dissent and dissatisfaction among some of its Telangana state unit leaders. Apparently after a slew of reports in the media on how some leaders were upset, unhappy and feeling unfulfilled, senior national leaders got into the fray and gave these leaders — including an MLA, MP, and a clutch of other senior leaders — a dressing down of sorts, accompanied with advice to grow up and act like adults. If the grapevine is to be believed, top BJP leaders have decided to bring out the whip to get their folks in the state to fall in line.


It’s not easy to be a cop. Being fit is a must, after all the work is hard. Every now and then, someone points out this aspect, as was the case with minister Ch. Malla Reddy who the other day said those in the police department with pot bellies should not be given promotions. The occasion was the inauguration of the Pocharam IT Corridor police station under the Rachakonda commissionerate and Malla Reddy’s comments that only those who are fit and take part in sports should get promotions led to everyone look at all the cops around. Home minister Mahmood Ali pointed to DGP Anjani Kumar who was on the dais. Malla Reddy’s comments first resulted in some laughter and smiles. Then, when everyone looking at the policemen at the venue, things got a little serious though some senior cops did say that fitness is indeed an issue and this aspect needs some attention.


After the April 30 inauguration of the Secretariat complex by Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao and the commencement of normal office hours from May 1, the question that has been doing the rounds in BRS circles is — is work from office better than work from home? Ministers, BRS MLAs and party leaders are reportedly happy over the increased pace of government functioning after the Chief Minister and ministers started working from the office. The evidence is there, they say pointing to the resolution of pending issues of podu land pattas issue, second phase of Dalit Bandhu, second phase of sheep distribution, distribution of house sites to poor, and implementation of Gruha Lakshmi scheme. These schemes that had been conceived long ago but remained pending due to various reasons are now on track, they say. This was because the Chief Minister started functioning from the Secretariat, held a series of meetings within a month and finalised dates for their implementation. Working from office, several BRS leaders feel, is just what is needed to get them back into "office", their elected posts with benefits all set to reach people soon.


It was after a long wait that those who were denied jobs in DSC-98 batch were recruited after the Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy government announced jobs as promised during the last elections. But, their happiness was short-lived as they realised that their places of posting were in far-flung areas of the Agency tracts, away from their families, and began calling this akin to giving a chocolate to a kid only to take it away again. With jobs finally in the bag, they formed an association and called on Anakapalli Lok Sabha member Dr K. Satyavathi seeking her intervention for "better" postings and are now hoping that they can get to keep their jobs as well as get posted in places of their choice.


For former minister and Venkatagiri MLA Anam Ramanarayana Reddy of Andhra Pradesh, the road ahead appears to be a tough one. Ramanarayana Reddy who was with the Telugu Desam till 2019, quit the party to join the YSRC before the last elections but his entry did not get the kind of welcome he’d hoped for despite winning from Venkatagiri. Unhappy with the way things are going for him there, Ramanarayana Reddy is being increasingly seen in Atmakur from where he reportedly made up his mind to contest from in the next elections. If his supporters are anything to go by, Ramanarayana Reddy is all set to say goodbye to the YSRC and head back home to the TD.