Gopichand market on downhill, pins hopes on Bhimaa?

Update: 2024-02-22 07:56 GMT
Action hero Gopichand is banking on his upcoming film ‘Bheema’ to bounce back into the reckoning after a series of duds like ‘Pakka Commercial’ and ‘Ramabhanam’. “His upcoming film ‘Bhimaa’ is releasing on March 8 and it is a kind of do-or-die film for his career,” says a distributor who adds, “His last few films fared badly and it has drastically affected his Telugu market,” he adds.

Just a few years ago, Gopichand movies were selling like hotcakes in Hindi markets but now things have turned upside down. “His films were sold for Rs 10 and 12 crores at one point in time in the Hindi market but now there are no takers. The producers of his upcoming films could get Rs 5 to 6 crore per film, provided they boost the film in promotions and showcase them as unique action films, otherwise it will be difficult,” he points out.

No doubt, Gopichand has a good physique and could pull off anger-driven roles with ease and tasted success with hits like ‘Sahasam’, “Jil’ and ‘Loukyam’. “He is trying to mix up action roles with light-hearted movies but it is going against him. He needs to stick to action adventures to regain his winning streak,” he concludes.

Meanwhile, Gopichand is also doing a film with ace director Srinu Vaitla to showcase his flair for comedy and also going to flex his muscles in their upcoming action entertainer. “This project also changed hands since the budget has escalated due to big remunerations and production costs and it was turning into a risky proposition,” he concludes.


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