Vishwak Sen compares Gaami with Dunkrik

Update: 2024-03-04 04:55 GMT
Vishwak Sen compares Gaami with Dunkrik

In Gaami, Vishwak Sen portrays an Aghora, sparking excitement from the moment its first look was unveiled. The subsequent trailer caught everyone off guard, promising an intriguing adventure. Directed by Vidhyadhar Kagita and produced by Karthik Sabareesh under Karthik Kult Kreations, this crowd-funded adventure drama is presented by V Celluloid. Today, Vishwak Sen engaged with the media, offering insights into his experience working on Gaami. Here's a glimpse of the conversation.

Vishwak, when did the journey of 'Gaami' begin?"

Director Vidyadhar approached me after watching 'Vellipomake'. 'Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi' wasn’t out yet. He had this grand script in mind. I trusted him and came on board. I knew it would take five years to complete 'Gaami'. Doing it in a year would have cost us 100 crores. We opted for guerrilla shooting in Varanasi and Kumbh Mela, which kept the costs down. Time has been our biggest investment. Regardless of when 'Gaami' releases, it will feel fresh because no one has attempted something like this before.

In your career, songs usually generate hype for films. Why is it different for Gaami?

The 'Gamyanni' song gained traction after the trailer release. The song, sung by Shankar Mahadevan Garu, will be launched in Srisailam. We've been meticulous with promotions. Even the trailer offers a glimpse of what the film offers. Many blockbusters lack commercial elements. 'Tumbadd' is a prime example. We invest in such stories. 'Gaami' is an emotional rollercoaster. The second half is intense. Emotion is its biggest asset. You'll feel like you're watching a Christopher Nolan film.

Can you tell us about director Vidhyadhar?

He asked me to read the entire script, and I did. While reading, I wondered how we'd translate it onto the screen. Vidhyadhar spent three years on 'Gaami's pre-production. His dedication is evident in his office. He's been crafting Gaami's story for nine years, conducting thorough research to shape it as envisioned. The team's effort is 10%, but the director's is 90%.

It seems there will be many characters and subplots. Will they all connect?

You'll find out while watching. 'Gaami's screenplay is akin to 'Dunkirk'. You'll enjoy the narrative without complications. Technically, 'Gaami' is remarkable, especially in the second half. I have fewer dialogues; it's a performance-oriented role. All characters, including Chadini and Abhinaya, are well-developed.

You've produced films before. How did you support Gaami?

I didn’t take remuneration, which was my support. I didn't burden the producers. I remained dedicated throughout the shoot, working on 'Gaami' for 70 days. It's been an adventurous journey.

Will the movie be released in other languages?

Currently, we're focusing on the Telugu version, releasing in PCX format. We have only four suitable screens. It's the first Telugu movie in this format.


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