Amitabh Bachchan, RGV discuss 'mysterious AI'

Update: 2024-02-29 16:17 GMT
Amitabh Bachchan, RGV discuss 'mysterious AI'

Legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan had a meeting with ace director Ram Gopal Varma in Hyderabad after a long time and discussed film content and Artificial intelligence in cinema. “We had non-stop breather conversation on films, content and AI,’ said Big B on his blog and wrote “The last day at work in the elms of the city of Hyderabad, get visited by the exalted genius and his thoughts and expressions, that are mysterious and mystifying—Ram Gopal Varma, alias Ramu.”

“And he pours out in a non-stop breather conversations on film content and the much talked about and meticulously practiced AI Where we are going? A mystery unknown and in its changes and revolutions by the day almost.”

He added, “Fact was never looked upon with doubt and skepticism and disbelief as it is today be real, non-fake, is ever up for debate and discussions for hour-living side by side-almost complimenting each other but never the belief that it be truest and correct… information has ‘inform’ in it, for its delivery…but does it really inform.

“Or does it simply put out for its content existence… impotence and all.. as what was expressed some time back in the days of the year gone by.’

The iconic actor has worked with maverick director RGV in Hindi films like ‘Nishabh’, ‘Rann’, ‘Aag’ and the most successful film ‘Sarkar and their bonding has strengthened over the years.


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