Blessing to be part of the Hit-verse: Maganti Srinath

Deccan Chronicle.

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The actor exudes confidence that his cop act in HIT 2 will be appreciated

Maganti Srinath (Photo By Arrangement)

Maganti Srinath’s cop act in Hit: The First Case was well received, and now, the film’s director has cast him as a cop again in the second instalment starring Adivi Sesh.

“It’s definitely a blessing to be part of the Hit-verse,” says the actor. “This time I will be seen as a cop but in a different place. The role in the second installment is an extension of my part in the first film. There are certain mannerisms and gestures that are associated with it,” Srinath adds.

Apart from his acting career, Srinath is also an entrepreneur. He shuttles between cities on business trips, and acknowledges that balancing business and acting is challenging. “Sometimes it’s a nightmare,” he laughs, “But my passion for cinema is such that at times I have postponed my business meetings for auditions and workshop sessions."